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7th November 2015, St. John's Smith Square

AGBU London Chamber Orchestra 

Beethoven Piano Concerto no.5 "Emperor"

6th June 2014, Sofia (Bulgaria)

European Music Festival

AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra @ "Bulgaria" Hall

Mozart Piano Concerto K595


6th December 2014, New York (USA)

Performance @ Carnegie Hall

Babajanian, Komitas, Mozart, Chopin


April 2013, London (UK)

Recital @ St. Yeghishe Church

Beethoven, Chopin, Babajanian, Komitas


March 2013, Oxford (UK)

Recital @ Wolfson College Concert Hall

Beethoven, Chopin, Babajanian, Komitas


June 2012, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian National Orchestra @ National Conservatoire Hall

Mozart Piano Concerto K595


March 2011, London (UK)

Harrow Symphony Orchestra @ St. John's Greenfield Church

Mozart Piano Concerto K482


November 2010, London (UK)

London Bulgarian Music Festival, Forte String Quarter @ St. James's Church Piccadilly

Schumann Piano Quintet

March 2009, Ruse (Bulgaria)

March Music Days Festival, Chillingarian String Quarter @ Ruse Opera House

Schumann Piano Quintet


July 2008, Bath (UK)

Bath Symphony Orchestra @ Pump Room

Chopin Piano Concerto no.2


February 2008, Berlin (Germany)

Recital, Festival der Künste @ Oranienburg Concert Hall

Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin


June 2007, London (UK)

Sayat Nova Ensemble @ Conway Hall

Mozart Piano Concerto K414


March 2005, London (UK)

Recital @ Wigmore Hall

Mozart, Beethoven, Komitas, Chopin



Major Performances During the Last 10 Years

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